Recent thoughts

There are few reasons because of which I remember with gratitude the sadhus that have influenced me.

1. Their not asking anything of me.

2. Their free sharing of knowledge when requested.

3. Their incessant desire for everyone to be peaceful and happy.

4. Their ability to live on minimal things.

5. Their ever-present smile.

6. Their constant repose in the Lord.

7. Their one-pointedness in Dharma (that which is good and uplifting).

8. Their interest in my inner life.

9. Their consistency in spiritual disciplines over days, weeks, months, years, and decades.

10. Being same inwardly in changing circumstances.

All this is in stark contrast of the people of the world, including myself. I wish to be like them someday…


Balakumaran has left the body.

I was only interested in him as a bhakta of Yogi Ramsurat Kumar.

The Yogi had shown him visions simply by touching various parts of the back, etc, thereby convincing him of the divinity of the Self (see the video where he is writhing in this divine ecstasy). These are the kinds of things that I find to be challenges for the modern materialistic mind. How are such non-local experiences of consciousness even possible without the help of drugs etc? These mystic sadhus had something inexplicable..

Vedanta goes even higher than this, but such experiences are so transforming that one cannot be the same as before. This is both witnessed and self-proven for me in different ways.


Some random comments about some questions (old things getting repeated and marketed as old age dawns 😛)


No second person can attest if another is a jnani or not. A jnani need not also be followed in all opinions that he holds. The message of a jnaani is advaita jnaanam, not his loukika opinions.

For spiritual life what matters is whether our understanding is increasing each day and getting reflected in increase in patience, mastery over anger, fear and desire, compassion towards all, strength to take up life challenges, forbearance etc.

Other kinds of worldly knowledge like politics, history, physics, are absolutely irrelevant.