Daily reminders

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

I like to cogitate and remind myself about good things as I write. So I write this –

  1. Have faith in Bhagavan. He takes care of all.
  2. acharyal2Have faith in the chosen Guru. He is the living Bhagavan.
  3. Make every effort to avoid desire. Don’t placate body or mind unnecessarily.
  4. Learn to watch the mind’s reactions – they will reveal opportunities for saadhana.
  5. Japa on any chosen name/form of Bhagavan with love is essential. The role of Japa is to lose oneself in love for Bhagavan, not to achieve any other end.
  6. Acting as per Dharma is bhakti.
  7. Bhakti is more than Dharmic action.
  8. Bhagavan is self-proven as the real content of “I”. The world comes later and is passing.
  9. What Guru says is to be followed implicitly. His grace does not require proof. Faith on him is its own reward and proof.
  10. Be humble and remember the Lord is within all and as all.

Hare Ram.

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