A Guru prays to His Guru

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

The 32nd Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri, was Sri Vruddha Nrisimha Bharati Swamiji. He was a great Narasimha Upasaaka and a sage of great piety, Shaastraic learning, and renunciation.

He conquered hunger and sleep. When he was hardly fifty years of age, he gave up normal food and subsisted on a handful of boiled pagal (Momordica charantia). He spent practically the whole day in meditation and Puja. While he was in Bangalore in 1858, Commissioner Bowring, who had heard of the austere and godly life of Acharya, wished to see for himself the truth of the reports, and one day at one A.M he went incognito to the Acharya’s camp and slightly drew aside the curtain in front of the Puja hall. Oblivious at what was happening around and with his head bent down, the Acharya was offering flowers to Chandramoulishwara. The Commissioner contemplated on the spectacle with reverence and wonder. His letters to the Acharya are eloquent expressions of his esteem.

http://www.sringeri.net/jagadgurus/sri-vruddha-nrisimha-bharati (See here for more information).

The 33rd Jagadguru of the Sringeri Peetham, Jagadguru Sri Sacchidananda Shivaabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Swamiji, wrote a number of stotras on His Guru, Jagadguru Sri Vruddha Nrisimha Bharati. A famous one is the Sri Gurupaadukastotram. Amongst the other lesser known stotras is the Gurustuti. In this short post, we will look at a few verses of the stuti that brings out the great love the Guru had for the Shishya, the teaching of Vairaagya, the great desire for Atmajnaana, and the nature of Moksha via Atmajnaana itself.

प्रह्लादवरदो देवो यो नृसिंहः परो हरिः ।
नृसिंहोपासकं नित्यं तं नृसिंहगुरुं भजे ॥

He is Hari who protected Prahlada The lion that quells the foes of faith and truth The worshipper of the Supreme Lord Nrisimha I offer my salutations to Sri Nrisimha Bharati!

(Written on the 32nd Jagadguru’s Aradhana day)

Verses from the Gurustuti (गुरुस्तुतिः)

नावोचः किं पूर्वं त्वमपि भवेः श्रीसदाशिवेन्द्राभः
इति कस्मान्मम ममता देहे जागर्ति गुरुवर ब्रूहि – 5
O Glorious Guru! Once, did you not proclaim to me – “You shall become like Sadashivendraa (Brahmendra)”. Inspite of this proclamation of Yours, why does my self-hood be attached to the body still? (Why do I feel “I am the body” still?)

स्वप्ने ममोत्तमाङ्गे स्वयमाहूयातिकरुणया चरणौ
दधतस्तव निकटे मम गुरुवर नरसिंह याचन कास्ति – 6
O Great Guru! You have called me to come close in a dream and placed your blessed feet upon my head. (Having got this great blessing), what do I have to ask from you now? 

कुत्र गतोऽत्रैवाहं तिष्ठामीत्यभयवितरणव्यग्रे
भवति भवतापहारिणि गुरुवर भीतिः कुतस्त्या मे – 9
O Glorious Guru! You said – “Where have I gone? I am right here”, you have reposed fearlessness thus, and become the cure for the disease of samsaara. With you being thus, what do I have to fear? 

प्रणताद्वैतविबोधनमचिरात्कर्तुं गिरवे नाम्ना च
स्वीकृतनरसिंहाभिधमनिशं  कलयामि गुरुवरं कञ्चित् – 11
I meditate on the Guru who is Narasimha by name and by speech, for He conveys Advaita via his teaching without delay to those who have surrendered at His feet (Narasimhaavatara being a metaphor for Advaita, the half-lion,half-man form signifying the oneness of Atman and Brahman)

चित्तं मामकमनिशं सच्चित्सुखरूपगं दृढं प्रभवेत्
यद्वत्तथाशु कृत्वा पालय सततं नृसिंहगुरो – 14
O Narasimha Guru! Please do save me by making my mind of the nature of Sat-chit-ananda (Atman) forever.  

विकृतिनैव मम स्यात्कायेऽस्मिन् छिद्यमानेऽपि
चित्ते यथा तथा त्वं कुरु करुणावारिधे नृसिंहगुरो – 15
Even when the body is sliced, may my mind remain without any distraction (fixed on the nature of the Atman as described above), O Narasimha Guru! 

अपुनः स्मरणं लोकं देहं शास्त्रं च विस्मृत्य
आनन्दं निरवधिकं प्राप्नोमि कदा नृसिंहगुरो – 17
Without any further recollection of the world, the body, or the Shaastra , by the forgetting of all these, when shall I get the all-encompassing Ananda (fulfillment)? O Narasimha Guru! 

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